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Mr.Sam Ali is the featured band all over the world.There are only two main person running this band."Asim Ali" (Vocalist,Writer,Musician) and "Farhan Ali" (Pianist,Guitarist)."


Asim Ali's Picture

Asim Ali

Born in 28th of August 1991. Professionally he is a Technologist (From "Sam Technology Professionals).

He is the only main member of the this band.He is a good song writer and vocalist.

He says I love to write the song on reality.And there is no doubt that

Mr.Sam Ali Latest Picture

Picture of Asim Ali

his first album Broken Heart Mega (2012) contains 10 tracks all are based on reality. All of those songs were roughly recorded. Some of them are in the pipeline in the form of a new clean versions.

He released another album named as "Destroyed Citizens" but all of the songs were not released because of some of the issues.

The songs from second album "Forever Yours" and "End of the road" were well played by the several clubs because those songs were favourite for everyone who listened them.

The track "End of the road" is the current top hit from all of his songs. He released another song which was third song from his album "Destroyed Citizens"

was named as "Lost Treasure" which was just a demonstration recording. They are still working on the song to release the full new studio version.

He announced about a song that is not from any of his album. He wrote in his blog that this song will be called "Paradise" which will be released on YouTube with official video. But the exact date of the release is not given.

Profession & Passion

Professionaly "Asim Ali" is an Engineer and "Farhan Ali" has his own business.

But they both says "There is a great difference in passion and profession".They consider music their passion.

SSB Studio

SSB is stands for "Sam's Singing Band".The name of "Mr.Sam Ali" Studio where they work,record and jam together and with others.

SSB FansEdit

The fans of "Mr.Sam Ali" all over the world contacts them via phone ,Email etc are called SSB Members.

They Provides better ideas for recording new cover.They provides great suggestions about what to cover next.

Music AlbumsEdit

Mr.Sam Ali has told about his two albums first is released and second will release at the start of 2013.

The name of those albums are:

Broken Heart Mega (2012)

Destroyed Citizen (2013)

Broken Heart Mega®

1. If I'll Ever Come Back

2. Hope

3. Gone Away

4. Time To Get up Now

5. Dream of you

6. Suffocate

7. One More Chance

8. Winter Days (These Winds "You And Me")

9. I Wrote This Song

10. Feel

Lyrics To Songs

Artist/Composer : Mr.Sam Ali

Writer/Producer : Syed Asim Ali Zaidi

Mr Sam Ali

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